Sunday, November 7, 2010

SEGMENT 21--Luckenbach, TX The Cowboy Way of Life

Leaving San Antonio heading North we drive through Texas Hill country. We are headed to Luckenbach, Texas made famous by Waylon Jennings song. This part of Texas differs from where we have been, it’s not flat and we see walnut, and live oak trees everywhere. We are out on Farm Road 1376 just outside of Fredericksburg. Luckenbach is so small, Rosie Beth, my GPS gal cant even find it. The sign says population 3. 
We head down the tree covered dirt road of Luckenbach Lane, and arrive upon an old little Post Office/ General Store/Bar. I investigate and tell Grandpa it is well worth him taking a look. Grandpa and I belly up to the bar (it’s only 11AM) order two beers and enjoy the warmth of the wood burning stove. We sit back and admire all the graffiti, pictures, stickers, hats, signs, plaques, and tourists that blanket this place. The mood is calm and easy. Miles away from city folk, and Grandpa and I find ourselves very much at home here. 

We take our time with our beers and look around the general store and buy some souvenirs and get a bite to eat. They are having a live band and a dance tonight and I do not want to leave. I think Luckenbach will be etched in my mind and Grandpas mind forever.

Grandpa tells me he once saw Waylon Jennings in concert at Sharkey's Casino in Gardnerville, Nevada before he was famous.

Did you know it's something like 850 miles across the state of Texas? That's like three days! People told me it takes forever to cross Texas, and now I know why. I thought I would go the whole 850 miles through Texas without seeing an oil "pumpjack". Finally, I was rewarded just outside of Fort Stockton where all the green has gone and the desert flats have begun.

Tomorrow is Carlsbad Caverns and Aliens at Roswell.

Grandpa's Joke Corner:

WARNING: Grandpa says this one is dirty......

Two cowboys were sitting in a bar getting drunk.

One cowboy said,"We have a lot of riding to do tomorrow, I think I'll call it a night and head for camp"

The other cowboy said, "Well I'm having a good time, think I'll stay here. I'll catch up to you later."

'Round 8AM the drunk cowboy finally rode into camp with his with his saddle on backwards, and facing the wrong way on his horse. 

The first cowboy said to the drunk cowboy, "Quite a night huh? What the hell happened to you?"

The drunk cowboy slurred, "I had a hellava night. Someone cut the head off my horse, and I had to hold my hand over his juggler vein the whole way home."

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