Monday, October 4, 2010

SEGMENT 1--Gardnerville, NV to Lone Pine,CA

I arrived at Grandpa's house after purchasing some essentials at Costco right on schedule. He had the 30' SunSeeker motor home loaded, fueled, gassed and ready to go. All I had to do was load my bags and groceries, but before I could take a look around and get settled in, he jumped in the drivers seat, and started her up. "I'll drive the first leg, and then you can take over from there."

My 87 year old Grandfather has been looking forward to this trip for six months. After Grandma died he replaced his old motor home with this newer, fancier version. He knows motor homes and has "traveled to every state in the union, and 36 foreign countries". It's no wonder where I get the travel bug from.

I am armed with internet, computer, wireless internet card, travel websites, blogs, I-pod, I-Tunes, GPS, cell phone, digital camera, Flip video, and you tube.

Grandpa has a road atlas.

Grandpa has a CD player though and a collection of country favorites. Our first CD he popped in was a classic little number by Loretta Lynn. I couldn't help smiling and thinking what my friends back home would think. I was surprised to see his CD collection also includes Toby Keith and John Michael Montgomery.

We both go to bed early and wake up early . We both like coffee and cocktail hour.


  1. I love you guys!! This is going to be so great!

  2. I'm thinking you are going to have a blast. Be safe and I hope you do and see things that will fill your mind and heart with forever memories!

    I will be "following" your journey - just wish I could be along for the ride.

    Until soon XOXO Norma