Thursday, October 7, 2010

SEGMENT 3--Hoover Dam to Lake Havasu City, AZ

Leaving our small casino parking lot, we were just a short drive to Hoover Dam. After inspection of the rig at security check point, we proceeded down the narrow two lane road. "WOW!" is all I kept saying as we drove down the canyon and viewed the spectacle that is Hoover Dam. You've seen it on TV, but there is nothing like seeing it in person. All the power lines criss crossing everywhere, the enormity of that wall and even a hotel casino. It is truly amazing.  As we made our way down the canyon you could see the enormous new 4-lane bridge they have built over the Colorado River that is set to open next month. We were able to drive over the Dam  to Arizona and park. Grandpa stayed behind while I walked back across admiring the views and the architecture. The MASSIVE amount of concrete. And to build this thing in the 30's without use of modern construction equipment. Incredible.

We then headed back across the Dam to Boulder City and tried to find the hotel that my dad owned when I was a kid. Grandpa said it was The Boulder Inn, so we took a picture. But mom later said it was the Boulder Hotel....Oh well.

We headed down South toward Lake Havasu City. We passed through Searchlight, NV where the famous Senator Harry Reid is from and then to Laughlin, NV where the casinos are lined up along the banks of the Colorado River.

Colorado River Adventures RV park in Lake Havasu City is one of those parks my Grandpa is a member of. After making some final repairs and adjustments to the RV we stopped by the infamous London Bridge for a photo op. Check.

Lake Havasu City is a recreationer's dream. There are boat shops, and jet ski rentals on every corner, and it seems as though street legal gas powered ATV Golf Carts are the way to get around town.


  1. That's cool... We'll have to go check it out sometime and bring OUR street legal, gas powered ATV golf cart. WOOHOO!!

  2. This is great, Kris.

  3. When Do we get to see Grandpa...maybe a picture of him riding the Mechanical Bull at Gilly's