Monday, October 25, 2010

SEGMENT 16--Louisville, KY to Lexington, KY

We made our way into Louisville and headed straight for Churchill Downs, the famous horse race track where the Kentucky Derby is ran every May. We were surprised to find Churchill Downs in the middle of town in a lower to middle class neighborhood. We were expecting it to be out in the country with the infamous horse ranches and white fences of Kentucky surrounding it.  But this is a sporting event for every-day people as well as the rich and famous, with ticket prices starting at $40 for infield seating, and run up to $38,000 for tickets in the Millionaire's Row climate controlled box seats high above the track. Queen Elizabeth once watched the race from Millionaire's Row.

Churchill Downs is a grand stadium too big to fit in my wide angle lens. We went to the Derby Museum and were escorted on a tour of the paddocks, the stables, and the track. Did you know the jockey and all his equipment must weigh exactly 126 pounds on every horse for this race? Additionally, jockeys need to be at least 16 years old to ride in the Kentucky Derby.

The next morning we ate a crazy breakfast at Lynn's Paradise Cafe. I saw her place on Food Networks' Throw Down with Bobby Flay where he challenged her to a "French Toast Cook Off". I sampled her winning Bourbon Ball French toast and it is pretty easy to see why she beat Bobby in this challenge. Grandpa had eggs and sausage and homemade buttermilk biscuit. Lynn's is a fun, crazy place with wild decor which reminds me of my mom and I think she would really enjoy this place.

We also went to the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory and had a ball watching how baseball bats are made.

Well you guys, 3 weeks down...we went the farthest North on our trip in Louisville, and we accidentally crossed the bridge of the Ohio River and ended up in Indiana before turning back. We are going to be the farthest East in Knoxville/Smokey Mountain area, and then we are going to start heading South and West to make our way home.


  1. Hi Konakrisy,
    A note from the UK to say how much I’m enjoying your blog, and your adventures with your feisty ol' Grandpa - he's got fine musical taste!
    I’m lucky in that I’ve spent some time travelling to some of the places you’ve covered so far (Ca, NM, Memphis, Nashville). Your diary is definitely enticing me to come back across the Pond to check out plenty more of the towns you’ve visited. Looking forward to reading the rest – and you’ll have to do a UK version one fine day…
    Regards to Grandpa!

  2. what a trip! you guys have done it ALL! AND
    you've EATEN it ALL!
    can't wait to see what's next....(?)

  3. Hey Daviboy. Thanks for following. Glad you enjoy the trip. No plans on coming to Europe anytime soon. But if I do, will let you know.....

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