Sunday, October 17, 2010

SEGMENT 11--Branson, MO to Memphis, TN

Branson is a veritable senior citizen paradise. This time of year they come out in droves. If you were to come to Branson in the summer it would be packed with family's and kids. (I prefer the senior citizens). Branson is like a smaller, lower end Disneyland. There are water parks and amusement parks and mini golf and Ripley Believe it or not museum. The whole town is attraction after attraction.

I asked Grandpa to pick a show he would like to see and he picked Mo Bandy country music star. The theatre was grand, and grandpa got around in his scooter and we had 5th row tickets. Mo sand favorites such as Bandy the Rodeo Clown and Too Old to Die Young. All in all it was a nice show and we had a good time.

On our way to Memphis, TN, we drove Route 62, 412 through Mountain Home and Jonesboro, AR. Did you know...Interstate marker signs going North-South are odd numbers while Interstates going East-West are even numbered. (Interstate 80 and 40)? If the first digit of a three digit sign is even, it goes around the city, while the odd digit routes go into the city (Interstate 395).

Arriving in Memphis early afternoon, we headed straight for Neely's Interstate BBQ where he is famous for his BBQ pork sandwich and the BBQ spaghetti is really awesome.

Grandpas (Southern) Joke Corner:

There were three churches in Boone County Arkansas. The Presbyterian Church, The First Christian Church, and the Southern Baptist Church. Now each church had a small congregation, so the heads of the churches got together and decided they should consolidate the churches into one church.

The head of the Presbyterian Church said, "I think we should all be Presbyterian. We are one of the biggest and well know churches so I think we should call it Boone County Presbyterian Church."

That didn't go over too well, so the head of the First Christian Church said, "Well, I think we should all be First Christian Church of Boone County.  We are all Christians anyway, so I think it's a good idea."

Then the head of the Baptist church stood up and said, "I'm a Baptist. I was born Baptist, I was raised Baptist, and ain't nobody going to make a Christian out of me."


  1. Jim Neel's is just my type of restaurant, the only thing is, do they have any BAR-B-Q beef? Being following your trip with Grandpa with great interest, the only thing is, grandpa has to improve on his jokes.....

  2. No. No BBQ Beef, I think they save that for Texas. I'll be passing through there again on my way back home.....let you know.