Tuesday, October 12, 2010

SEGMENT 9--Oklahoma City, OK

Grandpa and I spent the day in Oklahoma City. First we visited the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. What can you really say about a memorial where a lot of people have died? Its sad. It compels you to reflect on life and how we should take every opportunity to experience it for all it has to offer. This trip with Grandpa is just such a trip, and I am grateful God has given me this opportunity.

The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum was wonderful. The building was big and modern, filled with collections of hats, spurs, saddles, guns, ropes, western wear, and memorabilia. They also included a section on the American Indian (Grandpa favorite) and the role they played in Western heritage. My favorite was the branding iron and barbed wire collection. Did you know there are over 1300 different types of barbed wire on display at this museum? It was fascinating to read and see the history and evolution of barbed wire and the role it plays in cowboy life.

They had a cowboy art display where artists and craftsmen made beautiful tooled leather saddles and silver bridles and bits, as well as intricately braided rawhide whips.

The rodeo section was impressive with explanations on each event, why rodeo is a great American pastime, and how it became such big business. They displayed many trophies of past winners and the all-around cowboy events.  The Cowboy Hall of Fame include such names as Roy Rodgers, Ross Perot, John Wayne, Chris Ledeux, Ronald Reagan, Trevor Brazile, Ty Murray and Cody Ohl.

This evening we went to dinner at the award winning Cattleman's Steakhouse, an Oklahoma tradition since 1910. I had the 12oz Ribeye with baked potatoe and Grandpa had the Catfish. Both were excellent and this restaraunt is a must-see if you visit Oklahoma City.


  1. Did you wave to Scott when you passed the Shawnee/Meeker exit?